Tactics for Raceday part 2

by Vix Steen

Race day - part 2.

"Hi again..

Thanks for your answer.

I forgot to tell you, that I have already tried your calculator, which gives me a half marathon time in 1:24:09 for the first half and 1:20:50 for the second.

But how do I approach that:
Do a stick to a steady pace (3:59 per km for the first 21,1 and then 3:50 for the last 3:50) or do a gradually build up my speed? In that case how fast?

I´ve have tried out Marathon calculator of MARCO:


which gives a pretty detailed strategy for the race.

Should I stick to that?

Best regards, Vix Steen"

Answer Hi Vix and thanks for your question.

You want to run fairly even up until the half and then gradually increase the pace somewhat if you feel comfortable with it. No sudden change of pace but kind of "feel" the pace abit until 30-33k. If you then feel even better, "go for it" for the last part - which usually gives you that type of negative split.

all the best,

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