Tactics for Raceday

by Vix Steen

Race day pacing :

"Hi Marius..

First of all thanks for a great program. It´s been fun, hard, inspiring and worth it all!

I´m currently in week 14 (2:45 program), and with no more than a week to go, I´ve begun to think about my tactic on raceday.

I have already ran quite a lot of marathons with the approach: run quite fast from start and see how far it will take you, with my best time being 2:49:50.

But what should my approach be with your training program in mind:

Should I start out slowly and go for a negative split?
Should I start out quite fast, to save up some time, if I get tired in the end?
Or should I go for a steady pace, say 3:54/km, and just stick to that all the way?

Hope to hear from you asap, as the race is only 6 days away.

Thanks again for a good program

Vix Steen (Denmark)"

Answer: Hi Vix and thanks for your question.

In the 100 day plan you'll see a calculator meant for that exact question to be answered. You can place in there your goal time and you'll get the split for half-way through. I alway recommend a little bit of a negative split as this works the best for most runners !

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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