Tapering vs milage

by Geir, answer by Marius

Tapering when injuries in the pre-race period.

"With only 2,5 weeks until my first marathon (New York) I have a question on the final training sessions. Due to an injury I am a little behind on the milage. I have run a 2,5 hour and a 3,5 hour long run last weekends. Should I start tapering now or should I keep going a do a 4,5 hour long run this weekend (in line with the 4 hour training program)and just do 2 weeks of tapering?


AnswerHi Geir, what you want to do is to stick to the plan the last weeks. No need to worry about doing either more or less. This will tune you in the best way possible despite the problems you have had earlier. Next time around, you want to start out with the 100 day plan from day 1 - that way you'll get the increase in training stress you'll need to taper things in perfectly.

IF you feel the injury still a bit though, do not stress these long runs. With a 3,5 hour under your belt you are more than ready already.

Glad you are back training again. Wish you all the best for New York !


PS : try and make the questions as general as possible, that way others can relate to them as well !

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