The week of the Marathon

by Ryan Camire
(Newport, NH)

How to schedule the sessions the week of the marathon :

"Hi Marius,

I could not find this info anywhere on your site, so here it goes:

I am doing the 3:30 plan to run the MDI Marathon, a very challenging marathon with a lot of hills. I was wondering what the perfect week would be like the week of the marathon. If my race is on Sunday, in what order should I place the sessions throughout the week and on what days? I hope this isn't too specific to me, and I am sure that others will find it useful as well.

Thank you! "

Answer: Hi Ryan, and thanks for the question.

The order is quite simple : do the last interval type session (for example 4 x 5 min in some of the schedules) 4-5 days before the race. Then you do an easy day two days before and you may also jog a little bit the day before but no more than 10-20 minutes easy. That should get you right there. The preferance of running the day before a marathon or not is about preferance, but most like a small jog just to keep the legs going.

I wish you all the best,


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