Time and reps measurement

by Shailesh
(New Jersey, USA)

Time and reps measurement :

"Hi Marius,

I recently purchased your program. I have been running for a while, but I am new to a structured training program like yours. I am training for my first full marathon in mid-October 2011. My training before I came across your program was to simply go out and run as much as I can, but without a plan. And I have had several runs of 20+ miles at about 10-11 minute per mile, but I want to improve speed and finish strong.

I am on week 2 of your 4:00 program, and my biggest problem so far is this:For example, in one of the sessions, you mention the following: "7 x 4 min. 1 min rec after 4 min", and "each 4 min is 3 min E3 and 1 min E4".

Another example is from eTIPS # 3-->12 min in Effort 3 + 3 min in Effort 4 + 6 min in Effort 3 + 3 min in Effort 2 + 9 min in Effort 3 + 3 min in Effort 4 + 1 min in Effort 4 + 1 min in Effort 4. All continous. Finish with 5 x 45 sec in Effort 4. 15 sec walking in the recoveries.

My question is how to keep track of time and speed for such a plan. It will be too weird to keep looking at my watch every so often. I tried that but did not work quite well, and it does not tell me the speed/pace either. I also tried some apps such as Endomondo and CardioTrainer on my Andriod phone. While these apps are not bad, there is no way to program such a customized and a not-so-straightforard plan into it.

What do you suggest I do? I want to follow the program as closely as I can, and it will be a great help if I can measure my time and speed (or Effort) accurately.


Answer: Hi Shailesh and thanks for your question.

Is it a matter of habit - having to deal with effort and time in a workout. In the meantime, one way to do this to buy a heart rate monitor with the pre-programming function so that you can program the workouts in there before the workouts. It then tells you start and stop with a signal as well as the different heart rate zones to keep you in. You also have GPS running watches that lets you know the exact distance, heart rate and time.

If you find it hard to remember the different times, you can also write them with a pen on your arm and you'll know this during the workouts.

But like I said, it is a matter of habit and it will get easier and easier the more you get used to keeping track like this!

I wish you all the best with your first full marathon,

kind regards,

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