Timing of massage and the 100 Day Marathon Plan

by Tuomas

Timing of massage related to running :


I run the 2:45 program based on heart rate, meaning 6 sessions a week. I get professional massage to my legs once every two weeks. I also do some massage on my own, based on your instructions. What would be the ideal timing for the professional massage (one hour treatment) - before the rest day (after hard session), during the rest day or something else? "

Answer : Hi Tuomas, great question.

Here is my experience, from close professional massage 3 times a week for 10 years plus self-massage about 5 times a week in addition to this.

1) Do the professional massages ideally before the easy run on the easy day. BUT, never the day before extreme sessions - such as the longest hard sessions in the marathon specific phase. In that case you need two days without hard massage between.

2) You can do medium self massage the evening after a hard run, never before.

3) Hard self massage can be done on any easy day.

As for frequency, you can massage pretty much every day - no problem at all - but never really hard massage after a hard run and never right before either :)

Thanks for the question and I wish you all the best,

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