Track Day

by Michael
(Antioch, CA)

Session clearification Week 2 4:30 plan :

"Hello Marius,

Would you please clarify 4:30 Plan, Week 2 Session 1?

3 x 1200 m (3/4th mile) continuous (meaning you actually run 7200 m)

You change pace every 1200 m: Effort 4 for the "fast" 1200s, Effort 3 for the "slow" 1200s. If run outside the track: 3x(4 min Effort 4 + 4 min Effort 3). Continuous

If I understand this session correctly:

Run (3 laps E4) + (3 laps E3) + (3 laps E4) + (3 laps E3) + (3 laps E4) + (3 laps E3) continuously with no recovery, for a total of 18 laps.

Thank so much.


Answer: Hi Michael and thanks for your question.

It is a typo there, it is suppose to be a total of 6 x 1200 meters, where you alternate each one of effort 3 + effort 4. (change every other one)

So sorry about that, and I wish you all the best with your training,

all the best,

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