Training for another Marathon 6 weeks after just completing one.

by Stuart
(San Diego)

Back to back marathons in a short time-period :


I just completed my first marathon yesterday after completing your 4 hour plan. I loved every moment of the training and felt extremely prepared. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned due to cramps that pretty much put me out of action for the last 5 miles which was very frustrating as this has never happened before and I felt like I had some much gas left in the tank due to excellent preparation.

As a result I was considering doing another marathon in just 6 weeks. Using the 4 hour plan where in the program would you suggest that I start up again at?

Thanks in advance


Answer: Hi Stuart and thanks for your question.

Now, doing another marathon that close depends on two things :

1) did you push yourself far down in the first marathon ? From your writing, it does not seem that way due to the cramp problem early on, which is totally different vs. a full marathon at maximum effort the whole way.

2) have you recovered fully from the cramps? This can take time, so be absolutely sure before doing another marathon.

IF these two are ok, then I would take the two recovery weeks of the 100 day plan, then start backwards 4 weeks from the marathon with the sub 4:00 plan.

That should make you all set !

all the best,

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