Training in hot/humid place

by Jeff Yung
(Hong Kong)

Running in hot weather :

"Hi Marius,

I am targetting a cold/cooler marathon (10-15C), while the place where I am living/training will be in summer (30-34C), and the humidity is usually high.

Usually I cannot keep up a good pace with such high temperature within the target HR zone. Do you suggest the training is still in outside, or move it to treadmill? Or training for Heat Adaption is also good for marathon?

I will be in 2:45 plan, so in week 11, I will run a HM race or a HM/10k test trial. I expect the HM/10k test will be slower in time compared to running in a cooler place. Should I still use that HM/10k pace to estimate my marathon pace in week 15? If not, how can I make the adjustment?


Answer: Hi Jeff and thanks for your question.

Please see my other answer to this question - as it is very similar : Running in hot weather You also find two links there to other articles I've written as well.

To sum them up : you NEED to adjust your training, due to cardiac drift. In the above articles I talk about how to do this, but there is no clear-cut rule to follow as people are different.

In terms of the faster work I would do most of it on the treadmill and then the longer (slower) work outside in the heat :) Otherwise it will wear you down completely.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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