Training Surface and Elevation

by Dennis Hogan
(Canton Beach,Australia)

Running in hills if the marathon is flat.

"Hi Marius,

First off, Thank you, I am enjoying following the program,but should I be only training on the flat if the upcoming Marathon is flat? I realise that getting used to a similar type of surface and elevation is important in training for that race.I guess what I am getting at, is close by I have fire trails that are undulating so can I still train on those?

Sorry am just a bit lost on whether I should be adding hill areas in as I feel as if my speed will not increase If I am not getting some hills in as well.

The long runs I am doing on a similar surface and yes flat,as the Canberra Marathon is that.

Thank you for your time.
Dennis Hogan"

Now, this is the deal : if the marathon is a flat one you can either train all on flat surface or a mix of flat and hills. The hills will then just add in there some variation.

On the other hand if the marathon is hilly you HAVE to do some work in hilly areas/on an increase/decrease on the treadmill, otherwise you'll likely run into problems.

So in your case, you are fine with it either way as the marathon is flat.

In terms of surface, do try and add in there about once weekly on the same surface as your marathon or if you are injury prone you can get away with one of the longer runs 30 days, 20 days and 10 days before approcimately - on a hard surface.

all the best,

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