Training zones after testing

by Ivi
(Aus )

Training zones after lab testing :

"Hi Marius

I did a vo2 max test using gold method over the weekend to determine my LT and AeT. The results showed my AeT to occur at 137bpm and 53% of vo2max and LT at 175bpm at 82% of vo2max. My vo2max was 51.3 ml/kg/min and mhr 196. Based on this information with aerobic base building should my runs be done at 137bpm? The calculated values based on mhr would be about 141. I want to optimize my trainings and hope you can provide some insight based on the data.



Answer: Hi Ivi, you can adjust the zones slightly according to the lab date, which means slowing down the easy runs to 137.

The lab data is very good for measuring performance improvement - ideally down the road you want to be able to push the LT higher up in % of your Vo2 max. Now it is at 82 %, when you are in top shape it will usually be 85-87 % - even higher.

Before my 13.06 5k best (4 days before) I was in the shape of my life and could run my LT (anaerobic threshold) runs at 92-93 % of V02 max which meant 2:52 pr km without accumulating lactic acid. But there is no need to go in details like that, just to point out one thing the data could be used to.

all the best,

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