Transition between Efforts

by Jeff Yung
(Hong Kong)

Adjusting between efforts :
"Hi Marius,

I have a question about running variation between efforts. For example when I run the 32min hard session in week 5 of 2:45 plan, it requires variation between Effort 2 & 4, each 2min.

When I go from effort 4 down to effort 2, do you suggest I keep effort 2 pacing right after the effort 4? That said, my HR will stay longer around effort 3 until finally reach effort 2 at the end of the 2min. OR, do you suggest I run at a very slow pace (effort 1 or even walk) right after effort 4 to get down my HR quickly to effort 2 first, then I pick up the effort 2 pace from there?


Answer: Hi Jeff and thanks for your question.

I definately suggest you have a marked decrease in pace going from say Effort 4 to Effort 2 BUT let your heart rate gradually go down to the zone. You should not get into walking or anything like that - just let it gradually get down to the correct zone.

So do allow yourself that "transitional" heart rate period to get down into the other zone. From Effort 4 to Effort 2, that will take you anywhere from 15 to 40 seconds, depending on how fit you are and how tired you are in the workout :)

I wish you all the best,

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