Repeats on a treadmill

by C.JD

Repeats on the treadmill and incline level.

"I'm a great fan of repeats on a treadmill but wonder should i run them at a 1% incline to mimic outdoor running?

This is my second marathon,ran a 3:27 5 months ago and am unsure which plan to follow.

My overall fitness level is much higher than when starting out on my first marathon with a much more solid base of mileage.However I haven't raced since then so have no comparable times.
My own inclination would be to follow the 3.15 plan but with the pace in between the reccomended speeds of the 3.15 and 3.30 plan.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.
One last question, what's your take on running drills?

My running cadence is around 160 per minute at effort 1-2 pace and wonder should i add some drills or will the SS and speed work bring progressive improvement.

Thanks in advance


Answer: Hi C.JD, what I would do is to start with the 3:15 plan as you already have a 3:27 under your belt already.

Now, when you run the 10k a bit into the schedule, use this to evaluate. Use this time to calculate your predicted marathon time with the calculator in the 100 day plan. If you are closer to 3:30 than 3:15 based on that time, switch schedule over. As the schedules are parallell planned this will be no problem.

As with the treadmill, use either 0,5 % or 1%. On the longer repeasts 0,5% is better as it will give you a better "flow" while the faster stuff can be done at 1%. It is a matter of preferance really.

You can certainly do running drills, but much better than this is using a jumping rope to improve elasticity in your legs. This is the absolute best way to improve your running economy (in addition to treadmill running itself, which is great for that)


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Treadmill pace and outdoors pace

by Kristian Qvenild
(Kongsberg, Norway)

What is the difference between treadmill pace and outdors pace ?

"Hello Marius

I am enjoying your program. It has been a great inspiration.

My personal best is 2.42. I am following the sub 2.45 program,adding maybe some few reps and some mileage, trying to run sub 2.40. I am doing all my hard workouts inside on a treadmill. I train by heart rate and try not to focus to much on pace. To me it seems easier to run f.ex 3.20 min/k(or any other pace) inside than outside. This maybe due to lack of wind. I am guessing that 17 km/h inside equals 16-16.5km/h outside. I have my 5 k test comming up and I am running it inside. What is your experience?. How compare a indoor time to a outdoor one?. Best regards Kristian

Answer: Hi Kristian and thanks for the question. If you have a calibrated treadmill and it is pretty much standarized in terms of how "hard" the belt is then the correct is usually to set the treadmill at 1 % incline to match the indoor treadmill pace with outdoors.

I recently had a discussion about this with a physiologist that has cross tested outside results with the treadmill and had the same conclusion. My conclusion is based on field testing with lactate measurement outside vs. outside (on calibrated test mills)

You have a couple of other factors though :

1. Is your treadmill calibrated ? This is huge, and even at the Top Athletic Center in Oslo there is a difference of about 0,5 km/hr for the different treadmills in the main training area. The test treadmill is correct though. So you have to be sure about this.

2. How elastic is the treadmill. This varies from type to type and some treadmills are "faster" than others - just like running on a hard/elastic surface like a track is faster than cinder outside.

But all in all, about 1 % should be about right if all factors are the same. Also, beware of the cardiac drift factor on the treadmill if you are running in a hot room (heart rate tends to go higher versus the end of the session without "more effort" )

With you all the best with your treadmill running !

Kind regards,

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Strides After Runs - On Treadmill ?

by Knut

The special strides, called SS*, that I am a big fan of called can be done on any surface.

"Hi Marius

Is it ok to run the SS* on a treadmill?

Kind regards

Knut from Norway"

Answer: Hi Knut, good question. Yes, you can do those on the treadmill as well ! Put the pace at around your 10k to 15k pace and slide along for 20 seconds before your 20 second break.

Kind regards,

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