Using the program for bicycling?

by Trond

How to use the 100 day plan for bike riding :

"I attended the research Frank Evertsen was doing with AT training, and found that very helpful in my training. But now i have started cycling road bike. I'm going to attend a race in May 2012. It is 210 km and I hope for a time around 6 h.
I like your running program and wondered if you had any tip for adapting the programs for bicycling? I see the duration is the double for my race. Would that mean I could just double the program f.ex for the 3:00 sub program?
And would like if you had any tips for were I could buy a lactate acid meter."

Answer: You could do this, I've given similar advice to bike riders as well.

A few modifications though :

You can KEEP the hard runs as they are.

You have to add quite a bit of length to the easier trainings to get more "minutes on the bike"

So the sum of this would be : yes you can double the number of minutes going from running to bike, but do this on the easier sessions mostly.

As for getting a lactate meter, the best is probably to just search for it online and find one that fits your price category there.

I wish you all the best,

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