Value blood glucose after running

by Paul

Blood glucose after running :

"Hi Marius,

Today I went out for a run and tested my blood glucose value on my mothers home device for measuring blood glucose levels. Ten minutes after the run my level was 8.6 which would be too high. However, after one hour I measured again and the value now dropped to 5.2 (which would be ok). Could the high level be the result of my running?

For your information: my run consisted of a wave run (similar to the runs you have for weeks 1 and 2 of the plan) with 1k moderate followed by 1k faster. My respective slower 1k segments were: 97%, 99%, 96%, 93%, and 92% of current half marathon pace. Faster 1k segments were: 104%, 103%, 103%, 109% and 109% of current half marathon pace.

thanks very much in advance,



AnswerHi Paul and thanks for your question.

Yes, it is likely due to running. Blood glucose can go both ways, some sessions due to an increase in adrenaline + cortisole (usually short sessions, quite intense) leads to an increase usually, while longer endurance work to a decrease.

In either way, focusing on glucose like this is not of importance - so you should not worry either way:)

all the best,

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