Warming up

by Armando Gutierrez
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Warming up :

"Marius, Forgive me. I know you have probably answered this. However at the age of 48 I was confused about your ideas concerning warm-up. Are you saying a simple 5 to 10 min. jog is enough. No stretching? Or is a dynamic warm-up preferable. Do you have a routine? Thank you"

Answer: Hi Armando,

You can certainly just do 5-10 minutes jog as a warm up.

But even better : jog 2-3 minutes, thereafter 1-3 minutes around Effort 3 then jog 1-2 minutes and finish off with a few strides. That goes before the hardest/most intense sessions especially.

For the longer (but somewhat slower) hard sessions, I would just jog as a warmup - that is more than plenty !

Stretching is not something you need to do - there are very few studies that shows any effect on that on injuries and most top runners do not use streching either.

all the best,

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