When is the good timing to start the 100 Days training?

by Jeff Yung
(Hong Kong)

When to start the 100 day plan :


Before we start the 100 days training, can we just start with zero base? Or would it be better to have certain level of fitness?

I heard that slow run can produce more mitochondria which helps later in the speed works. Will it be good we train more slow run before we start the 100 Days program? Or the runs with Effort 1 in the training already enough?


Answer: Hi Jeff and thanks for your question.

IF you are not using the pure beginners plan, you should have at least a few weeks of regular running under your belt before starting the 100 day plan. But this is just to prevent any injuries from happening, from the sudden start of running. Other than that, it is not needed to have a certain base of training (Effort 1 etc) before starting the 100 day plan - what you need is already baked into the system :)

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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