When to do which sessions

What day to do which sessions :

"I just purchased the 100 day marathon training program. Looking through the different options I am a little confused. Most training schedules will tell you on what day you are doing what, this schedule does not. I understand how the sessions work just don't know what day each session is suppose to happen during the training schedule, please advice."

Answer: Hi Derek and thanks for your question.

The 100 day plan is highly flexible within a given week. You can place the different session on whichever day you wish in a given week BUT there are some important "rules" (which is explained right in the schedule as well) : you have to have one rest day or one day with an easy session (easy zone 1 run) after a day where you've done a hard training session (any session that is not zone 1)

It is that simple :)

all the best,

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