Your thought about running barefoot

by Tuomas

Barefoot running and the 100 day plan :

"Hi Marius! Just subscribed to your 100 day marathon plan. I didn't find anything about this question of mine: what are your thoughts about running barefoot as something intended to improve one's running technique? If recommendable, how many times a week and what type of sessions to choose for this type of running? Is it something to avoid just before the marathon? I have run barefoot about 2 times a week on a treadmill for about 3 months. I practice 5-6 times / week. It's a bit hard on the skin (as I don't even wear socks), but otherwise no problems so far.

Answer: Hi Tuomas and thanks for your question. I answered a friend of mine this questions just a couple of weeks ago with this - who had just got an injury that was probably due to barefoot running too much too soon (5th metatars injury) This is what I said: Now in terms of barefoot running, I'm a fan of it - having seen it work well for the Kenyan runners. The big challenge with it though (that many enthusiasts do not focus enough on) is that it usually takes more time to get used to than what one may predict. In your case, that injury is typical for overuse in for example spikes (also minimalist in its own sense) so it is probably due to a too soon too much of barefoot work. In addition some runners need shoes for support, even Kenyans. So you really want to think through it and see where you are. Maybe a middle road with a little bit barefoot and a little bit in racing flats etc is a good middle ground ?

The point is : I am a fan of it but you really want to do it gradually and never over-do it. It is very similar to training in spikes - once a week is something you want year around, sometimes twice but not much more. You want to pick the easier end sessions (the 45 sec repeat ones for example) or do this is as the "special strides" after workouts. Never for the really long repeats.

Also, in the really hard marathon weeks - like most other actitivies that gives "extra" stress ; you want to be just a little bit on the safe side - and at the most do this once a week or so:)

I wish you all the best,

Kind regards,

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