10k adjustment

by Adrian ├ůsen

Running a 10k with the 100 day plan :

"Hi Marius

I am currently a 10k-runner who is planning to aim for the longer distances. However the 10k is still my main objective and I wondered whether it would be benefical for me to start on this program or go for a pure 10k program?

I`m interested in running marathon and half marathon, but I would like to know how this program will affect my 10k time. In six months I would like to improve my PR on 10k from 49 min to 40-42 min.

With regards

Adrian ├ůsen"

Answer:Hi Adrian and thanks for your question.

I answered a very similiar question just minutes ago, you can check it out on the facebook page : www.facebook.com/100daymarathonplan :)

Basically, the 5k/10k does take a different periodization but you can use most of the sessions in the 100 day plan - except for the ones specific to the marathon (the long ones in the marathon specific weeks) So the sessions themselves would work, but you need more speed work - ideally all through the schedule for the 5k/10k and a much sharper tapering period with added speed work and more anaerobic elements vs. for the marathon.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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