65+ days - too little time to prepare or adjust expectation

by Alan
(St Kilda, Australia)

Berlin 2010

Berlin 2010

Adjusting the 100 day plan down to 60-65 days :

"Hi Marius,

I may have to go to Frankfurt in October (a not planned trip) and the day after I arrive is the marathon - so why not?.

As there is just over 65 days (today is the 23/8/2011) to the event, should I just work backwards from week 15?

I have used your program for my last two marathons and will be using it again for April 2012

I have been running regularly (about 30 - 50Kms / week) swimming and cycling too - so my level of fitness is high.

I can assess my goal time, but if I am to train, I would like your advice where to start.

Thanks again for your help!


Answer: Hi Alan and thanks for your question.

The Frankfurt Marathon is a superb marathon and a fast course so go for it if you can !

In the 100 day plan you see (in Chapter 4 I think) that I talk about how to adjust the schedule and there is one example there on how to do it down to 63 days. Use that to plan your marathon training, it works great especially when you are used to the system already.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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