A Week Ahead of Schedule

by Stuart
(San Diego)

Adjusting the schedule :


I didn’t find the answer to this question in the FAQ’s so hopefully it hasn’t already been asked. I saw quite a few on if you are running out of time but not ahead.

I am just about to start week 8 of the 4 hour plan and I just realized that I started a week early. How would be the best way to adjust to get back on track? Shall I just do week 8 twice in a row?

Thanks in advance"

Answer: Hi Stuart, you can do this quite simple : just take either the week before or the week after and do it once more.

One VERY important caution though - if there are any very long hard runs in that week, you want to make these a quite a bit shorter (30 %). They are an exact number in total, not to wear yourself too much down in the marathon phase, so adding more of these can lead you into trouble. Other than that, just repeat that week once and you'll be ready to go.

all the best,

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