Achieving PB marathon time

by Chancho

Picking the schedule and hill work.

"Hi Marius,

I am about to start your 100 day marathon plan and have a few questions.

1. I currently have a PB of 84 mins for a 1/2 marathon on a hilly course. I am running my first full marathon in October, which i want to run as fast as i possibly can. I will be train 6 days a week as I currently have been for the last 5 months. I looked at the sub 3hr program, but I feel I can handle those paces quite easily. however, the paces in the sub 2:45 effort 3&4 are a little more difficult. So, what should i do? these paces would be well over my lactate threshold...which I think is about 3:51/km.

2. Looking at the data from my Garmin my paces corresponding to heart rates are as follows:

effort 3 - 4:30
effort 4 - 4:00
effort 5 - 3:38

I noticed that most of my runs are with my heart rate above 148. I think that even on my slow runs my heart rate is above 137. However, I can more than comfortable talk at these paces. Anyhow, with the paces above, they seem a little slow for heart rate zone considering I run 10k in 38mins, 5k in 18mins and 1/2 in 84mins. Any suggestions?

3. Is it ok to run hills each week for some of the sessions? I like to train hard so I can improve as much as possible.

4. Would doing some rowing on an ergo be ok whilst doing the program?



Hi Chancho: I would have to answer these a bit general - so that others can relate to them as well.

I would pick the 3:00 plan first and then adjust the schedule down the road if this is too comfortable (when looking at your half marathon going into the plan). Remember, all plans are parallel planned so you can switch to the 2:45 in any week if you feel like it.

In terms of pace, heart rate and effort compared this is based on approximates. I strongly suggest you pick one which ideally is heart rate. Stick to it the whole way then. Heart rate is the most accurate in terms of optimal performance. Do not cross check heart rate to pace too much - the most important is the relative difference between sessions. And heart rate does this the best.

As for hills, yes you can - but every week is too often, in my opinion. I would also suggest to be a bit careful in the marathon specific weeks especially. Shoot for something like every 10th day or so and you'll be fine.

Ergo is ok, but do this the most on the hard training days - to "save" the easy ones - if you go hard on these.

PS : do take a look at previous asked questions and you'll see all of the above explained even more in-depth.

I wish you all the best,

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