Adding introduction weeks

by Jon

How to extent the 100 day plan :

"Dear Marius, i am going to do Boston marathon in April and have decided to follow your 2.45 plan. I have eights weeks before the 15 week plan starts. What do you recommend doing as a preparation? Should I duplicate the intro weeks? Thanks in advance!


Answer: Hi Jon and thanks for your question.

I would do it like this : for sure I would do the introductory weeks but instead of duplicating these I would then instead go to the half marathon specific weeks of the 100 day plan and "pick" sessions from there for the remaining weeks (either before or after the intro weeks - it does not really matter) Important : use the same "hard day-easy day-hard day" pattern all the way through, so do not only pick hard sessions from these weeks !

That would work really well and build nice endurance foundation before going into the 100 day plan :)

I wish you all the best,


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