Adjusting the schedule (extending)

by Jay
(Victoria, Canada)

Adjusting the schedule when change of weeks :

"Hi Marius,
I started with "100 Day" last year to prepare for my second marathon. I am very happy with the plan and have seen continuing improvement month after month. I am currently (Jan. 30) in Week 10 of the program but have changed the date and location of my next marathon to March 30 (10 weeks from now) . How would you recommend that adjust the schedule to peak for March 30?

My first marathon I ran 4:44 (2010), second 3:51 (2011) and I am currently following the sub 3:30 plan.



Answer:Hi Jay and thanks for your question.

Yes, I would definately adjust the weeks. What I would do is to go directly back again and start 10 weeks away from the marathon BUT you will have to be a little careful with the longest marathon specific workouts (the hardest ones). The best is probably to reduce these by half (not in length but the number of them) to not get too worn down as these are very demanding and you just finished most of these already - by coming this long in the schedule.

I wish you all the best,

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