Between marathons

by Tom O'GARA

Between marathons :

"Hi Marius

Now I've completed the NY marathon I have enrolled for the Paris marathon for April next year.

My question is now what should I do now with regards to training over the next 3-4 months before I start up again on the program leading into the marathon?

I'm currently doing the recouperation weeks but I want to know what is the best way to keep my fitness or improve my it to increase my speed in the intervening time.

My goal for Paris will be to run between 3:30-3:45 after having done 3:57 for NY. My thinking is to follow the 3:15 plan for variation and see where that takes me. However what should I do to steadily improve with such a long period before I start the countdown to Paris?



Answer: Hi Tom and thanks for your question. This comes a bit late but I just noticed it !

To make it simple (like I've talked about in other threads as well) :

You want to use the weeks from about week 1-7 (the 5k to the half marathon) as the "overall" training weeks in this middle period. That will freshen you up, while at the same time doing a somewhat 100 day plan specific type work.

SOME runners, with lots of experience, CAN do a little bit of more mileage (type Lydiard work), but most will prefer just doing the 100 day plan weeks in that middle period. You do not have to follow a strict week one to seven but you can pick a bit of favourite runs, as long as you stick to a hard day - easy day - hard day type periodization.

all the best,

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