CLA supplements dangerous?

by Edwin
(Snekkersten, Denmark)

CLA supplements :

"Hi Marius,

I live in Denmark and would like to start taking CLA supplements.
However, there seem to be some critical comments on the web and from Danish research that it might be unhealthy or even dangerous.
There is some controversy about this. What are youre thoughts on this?"

Answer: Hi Edwin, and thanks for your question.

I am fully aware of these concerns (they have been around for a while), however - in general it is considered very safe.

My personal experience is that anything that works, generally will have some kind of controversy attached to it - even fluoride for tooth health ! (my wife is a dentist...)

I would not worry too much - however, taking CLA is by no means something you need to do, it is just a small tip in order to safely lose a pound or two extra if you need to, in your marathon preparation :)

all the best,

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