Core / abdominal workout

by Jim S
(Germantown, wi, usa)

How does one do ab / core workouts ? (ps : click and you'll be sent over to Workoutbox, one of the prime places for ab workouts :))

"Hello - I am doing the 3:15 plan to qualify for Boston before my 40th birthday and all is going great.

My question is do you have any Core/abdominal workouts you can suggest? In reading through the book I noted the suggestion for strong abdominals to assist and am always looking for a good Core workout.


Answer Hi Jim, I would recommend just general fitness most of the year but close to the main goal of the year you want to put on extra weights while doing those repeats.

For example, if you do regular sit-ups, the last 6-8 weeks before your season starts (in the 100 day plan, that would be 6-8 weeks before your half marathon which is the start of the tapering phase) you intensify this by putting weights/heavy books on your body while doing the repeats. Or alternatively move the workouts over to machines where you can adjust this.

Point is that this will help you gain extra ab strength before the most important races of the year without too much "focus" the rest of the year. It is just a personal experience that this works really well.

Just do overall exercises, to take all parts around the core - no need to overthink exactly which ones ; this is a much less important aspect vs. the running sessions/running session structure.

I wish you all the best,


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