Effort 3 in the beginning. Effort 4 towards the end.

by SteveO, Answer by Marius

I have just completed Week 1 of your Training Schedule and am enjoying it very much.

Looking at the 3:30 schedule:

Week 2 Session 4: "Effort 3 in the beginning. Effort 4 towards the end." is unclear. Does this mean the 1st running intervals are E3 and the last E4? Or that for each single interval, you start out at E3 and speed up to E4 at the end?
I suspect the former but am not sure.

Answer : Thanks for the question, Steve. The first suggestion is the correct one. Whenever in the schedule it says Effort 3 in the beginning, Effort 4 towards the end, this means in the session as a whole. So you typically run the first intervals at Effort 3 then gradually move into Effort 4 for the middle to last intervals!

Kind regards,

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