effort 3 session

by Eivind Knutsen

Adding hard sessions to the 100 day plan

"If you want to have more than 4 effort 3 session in a week, how could you build opp the program? Double effort 3 session like two session on monday, two on wednesday and maybe two on friday, or only one hard session on a day, and two or three hard days after eachother?? "

Answer:Hi Eivind and thanks for you question.

If you DO want to run more harder effort runs for some reason in the 100 day plan, then the absolute best way is to double up days with Effort 3 (morning and evening, alternatively mid-day and evening/early night) That will allow you an easy day/rest day the next day and avoid the trap of going hard effort several days in a row. I did this a fair bit myself, but at that time I was VERY well overall fit and with several training years under my belt.

kind regards,

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