Energy drink during the race


What energy drink to use :


The drink/fluid intake calculator reflects certainty quantities of energy drink required during a marathon. If a Camel Bak is used, what energy drinks do you recommend? I've never ran a marathon but looking at the HR zones, Pace zones and times associated with them and using the marathon calculator, I'm about a in the 3:30 range but am shooting for 3:00. I know you mentioned using a gel or energy bar if you were above 4:00 so I plan to use the drink instead.


Answer:Check out this article Sports Drinks for the Marathon - it is pretty good, though with mostly UK based names it also touches into world brands such as Gatorade. I can stand by the advice in this one.

Make sure that you train some longer sessions with the fluid of your choice beforehand to make sure that your stomach can take it + gets a chance to get used to it.

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