Fatigue in 10km test run

by Tom O'GARA

Fatigue in 10km test run after layoff :

"Hi Marius

I'm in week 8 of the 3h30 plan and did the 10km test run this morning. You may recall I missed the 1st 5 weeks of the program due to back issues.

I didn't perform anywhere near where I would like to be. I completed in 49mins 09sec

Looking at my stats I was running in zone 3 (heart rate ave @ 165)just to around the 5km mark and then progress up to 170bpm and beyond dropping in pace. Naturally I'm dissappointed. My best for 10km is 44mins which I did last year in semi marathon which I completed in 1h37mins

Earlier in the summer I was running the 10km around the 46-48min mark and did a semi in 1h41mins

Following your suggestion to another runner I will start taking magnesium but suspect the lay off has really effected my performance and possible the harder "marathon specific" part of the training has left me flat after having missed the 1st 5 weeks.

Any recommendations?


Answer: Hi Tom and thanks for your questions.

What you are experiencing is normal after a layoff, your muscular adaption is not fully there yet after the period without training, therefore it is very hard to get the heart rate up and going when pushing like this ; you cannot recruit enough muscle mass to go really fast + feel light.

So you go well below maximum effort due to this.

My very strong suggestion is just to keep on training after the plan. And above all : do not try and catch up. I would rather go the other way - try and lighten up just a little bit on the training schedule (you can take a rest day here and there extra if you feel like it)

Remember that the reason for feeling that way is that the RELATIVE load to your legs after the layoff has been too much, temporarily (which is normal) - and it does not have that much to do with actual overall shape.

Keep up the good work,

all the best,

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