Frozen berries and marathon diet

by leon
(hastings, new zealand)

How to eat the frozen berries that are part of the 100 day marathon plan get lighter diet :

"Hi Marius, as per your diet to get your BMI down you mentioned eating frozen berries during the day and afternoon? do you mean eating them straight from the freezer ice cold? If so eating them cold like an ice block? thanks Leon."

Answer: Hi Leon, it is really up to each individual. Personally I just like to eat them straight from the freezer, after maybe having them out for 15-20 minutes first.

The point is to have something to snack on, that is healthy and good tasting - and that is always there. You can also mix frozen berries with natural yoghurt once in a while, but try to keep as much as possible to just "raw" berries.

Also, remember that this is not a "meal" - it is just a snack, sort of a substitute form unhealthy sugary foods :)

All the best,

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