Full year marathon trianing

by Bob Walters
(Bronxville, NY)

Extending the 100 day plan

Thanks to YOU & your program I have managed, since 9-22-2012, to run 8 5K, 3 10K, 3 4M, 2 5M, 1 8M, 1 18M & 2 half marathons. NO injuries. With winter & lack of daylight coming, I'm wondering what next??? I've qualified for the 2014 NYC marathon so I'm a little lost about where to go/start NOW. I have acces to a gym if cross/strength training is due for the winter. I'm kinda depressed since I've reached all my goals to dateexcept for speed. The "buzz" from the last 2 1/2 marathons is fading quickly & I see nothing but a void. If you or any of my peers have any ideas, PLEASE share them with me. Marius, thanks again for your training program...never thought at 66 years old with 3 stents in my arteries that I could do this but WE DID...and I owe you....big time......Bob Walters"

Answer: Hi Bob and thanks for your questions.

I would strongly suggest you really read through the answers I've done in this section of the 100 day plan : Full year marathon training I go quite in depth on how to ajust the 100 day plan to a more year-around schedule. In terms of NYC in 2014, you want to follow those principles up to 100 days before, then hit the specific schedule again.

This structure will help most stay motivated. An option is to instead run a little bit less over the winter and more of the shorter work (type 45/15) that gives you more action and then hit the training hard again in the spring. A lot of runners prefer that and it is an excellent option.

I wish you all the best,

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