Full year training (continued)

by Hege S

Full year marathon training :

"Hi Marius.
I have been very happy (and I have had good progress) using you plan for my last two marathons. Now I want to use your plan for more than one year, leading up to New York 2013. Can I do it simple by using week 1-6 over and over until the last weeks?
Greetings from Hege"

Answer:Hi Hege and thanks for your question.

You can certainly do it this way, but it MAY be a little bit on the too intense side to do it like that all-through. One good option may be to do a focus on week 1-6 for two weeks then use one week where you run more mileage but only two interval sessions - both of them longer type in Effort 3. That will give you a little bit of needed variation :)

I wish you all the best,

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