Full year training continued.

by Hege

Full year 100 day training :

"I have asked you before, but I am not sure I understood it fully. You told me that following week 1-6 all year repeated would be a bit to hard. You advised me: One good option may be to do a focus on week 1-6 for two weeks then use one week where you run more mileage but only two interval sessions - both of them longer type in Effort 3. That will give you a little bit of needed variation :)

Can you give one example? I am using the sub 4 program and therefore only do four sessions pr week. This program has got only two interval sessions so I dont see the difference.

sincerely Hege"

Answer: Hi Hege and thanks for your question.

You are correct, some of the programs (and weeks) have only two "intense" interval trainings and maybe one longer slower session (which is also demanding)

The simple point is : some weeks you can run three interval sessions, other weeks you can vary this and run only two - or even just longer steady work.

It is all about variation, but you use the 100 day plan structure (within a week, easy day-hard day eyc.) and session types as sort of the "base of this. So even though the 100 day plan is not a full year program, this is a way of adapt it that way.

I wish you all the best,

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