Half Marathon in week 10 instead of 11 - do I switch weeks??

by Kristin
(T√łnsberg - Norway)

Mixing the schedule, the half marathon planned in there :

"Hi again Marius
I've got another question for you again :o) I'm going to do my half marathon in week 10 instead of 11 as it says in the Plan. Do I switch weeks? If I do switch weeks it will be very tough for my legs, wouldn't it? (I'm doing the 4.30 plan and are now in week 9)
Looking forward to hear from you again :o)"

Answer: Hi Kristin, and thanks for the question.

As the training in those weeks are very "concentrated" the most important thing to do is to make enough space in training before your half marathon (and the first days after). Meaning : at least copy the last 4-5 days as planned before the half marathon (which are easier) so that you are well tuned into it.

What may be the absolute best option may be to treat the two weeks together and sort of mix up the workouts so that you can run as easy as possible in the days before the half marathon. You then would basically take the hardest work and place it 14 days before and then the easiest those last days. That way you'll get in there the work you need while at the same time not the roughest sessions right next to the race.

Like I've said before, as long as you keep the overall structure of the 100 day plan, it IS flexible and in cases like this is it no problem at all - just space the hardest work away from the half marathon (before and after):)

Kind regards,


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