Half marathon in the woods - not "good" for my predicted time on the marathon

by Kristin
(T√łnsberg, Norway)

Predicting marathon time and running on hard surface/asphalt :

"Hi Marius
Still enjoying your marathonplan very much!!!!
I'm now in week 6 (4.30 plan) and in about 4 weeks I'm going to run a Half Marathon in the deep forest of Halden ;o).
I will probably use much longer time on this half marathon then I would if I run f.eks Oslo half marathon. So when I use the calculator to predict my marathontime, this will be all wrong (and I will be depressed). So what do I do??? Run one on my own, or just consider it as one of my sessions that week.

One more thing, I run my intervalls on the treadmill and the long session in the woods/asphalt.
Last time I run New York, I couldn't run for almost a year because I only run in the woods. When I ran Berlin I did the opposite - too much asphalt.
Is it enough asphalt training with 1-1.5 hour per week??? (i only do it on the long sessions)"

Answer: Hi Kristin and thanks for the questions.

1) you can use that time in the forest to estimate your finishing time. Use common sense to estimate how much you lost due to the surface in the woods (probably can take away about 20 minutes to the marathon precidion time ?) However, what you may want to do is to add another 5k or 10k in there done on cinder/asphalt - just to get it 100 % correlated.

2) in terms of ashphalt, this is the deal: You have two options, either you run on asphalt about once-twice weekly all year long - either one interval session r two easy runs. Or you can do do three asphalt runs that should be about 30 days, 20 days and 10 days before your race and no asphalt running the rest of the year. You want these to be either a long runs or a medium hard interval session (but you need at least one easy long run on asphalt before trying an interval session) That will be enough to get used to the asphalt. If you can add 1-2 very short runs also(30-40 min) you'll be all set !

I'm glad you're enjoying the schedule and I wish you all the best for your coming races.

Kind regards,

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Half marathon test on treadmill?

by Knut
(Bergen Norway)

Half marathon test on the treadmill :

"Hi Marius

In week 11, where you have placed the half marathon test run. This will be on the spot for me before London Marathon, which is coming down the road pretty soon

I consider to do the half marathon test inside on treadmill, because of icy roads.

Are there any reason why a half marathon test run not can be done on a treadmill?

I'm thinking, better with a good pace and finish time inside then a bad time outside, with the risk of injuri on icy roads.

Dying to hear your point of view on this topic.


Answer: Hi Knut, this is a tricky one. Ideally you want to run the half marathon outside, as it is parts of getting used to the hard surface leading up to the marathon. I see that you're from Bergen, which means that you can probably find somewhere to run it outside in the area (even if you have to travel down to Stavanger or a little bit more south)

For most workouts I'm a big fan of the treadmill, but the exception is that half marathon (as well as the 5k/10 race, but less)

So you really want to make a priority there and aim for the roads.

IF the roads are absolutely nowhere to be run on, you have to go for the treadmill. But try and be creative and I'm sure you'll find options outside, even though it means running a bit back and forth.

All the best,

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