Hard and easy running

by Marco Chiappone
(Leiden, The Netherland (EU))

Hi Marius,

Couple of questions on the plan.

1. The week 1 of the 4hrs plan has 4 sessions and the Session 3 and 4 are quite long run (45 + 60 min). I guess it means that I should run 4 times that week (Mo-We-Fr-Su). If I did so, the week 2 would start on We (2days of recovery rest-

- Is it correct to have 2 days of rest between two different weeks (eg. week1 + 2days rest and then start week 2)?

- I've the impression that I have to forget the calendar weeks and follow only the scheme weekly work-out session, days of rest and then continue the plan.

Is this approach correct?

What do you mean with "add these easy run in between the hard sessions (you don't want "back-to-back" hard training sessions)"? see session 3+4 week1) Shall the sequence be session 1-session3-session2-session4 or 1-2-3-4?

Cheers Marco

Answer Hi Marco, the question to this is very simple.

This is here it goes.

In a given week you want to spread out the hard training sessions (those in Effort 3 and above) and you do not want these to be on two day in a row. This is what I mean by avoiding "back-to-back hard training sessions"

BUT you can add the easy runs (such as 45 minutes and 60 minutes that are in Effort 1) between any of these hard runs.

A wgiven week would then be like this for example : Monday hard - Tuesday 45 minutes easy - Wednesday rest - Thursday hard - Friday 60 minutes easy - Saturday Hard - Sunday rest

You can mix the sequence of the sessions around as you like the only "rule" is to NEVER have two hard sessions two days in a row. So all the training weeks can fit into one particular week, no need to use a calendar at all.

Kind regards,

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