Heart Rate In Races

by Ruben

Should one run with heart rate or just on pace in the scheduled 5k, 10k's and marathons ?

"Marius, should I stick to a certain heart rate on the races like the 5k 10k half marathon and marathon or should I use a pace time? What do you recommened?"

Answer: Always run on pace in races. Due to adrenaline and tapering factors leading into the race, you can never rely on your heart rate in those. It is much better to be aware of pace during workouts and teach yourself good pace "feeling" Then, when races come around try and calculate your finishing time. Now, for the first 2/3rd of the races stick to this pace 100 %. Then the last 1/3 you are "free" to run faster if you have "the day" That way you'll make sure to get the best out of races.

But do try and be aware of pace in practice. It can be done extremely well if you are used to it. In my own running I was able to guess/run the time on 400 meter laps around the track within an accuracy of about 0.2 seconds without a watch and could guess the pace on off track km/mile pace with only 2-3 seconds error-margin on almost all paces. Which is a huge benefit when races come around.

Best of luck !

Kind regards

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