Heart rate zones in the plan

by Daniel Hubboy

Heart rate zones in the 100 day marathon plan :

"Hi Marius,

In the 100 Day Plan the heart rate zones are based on a maximum heart rate of 190 bpm. But the HR boundary values for each zone are correct?

Example: based on a maxHR of 190 bpm, the Effort 1 zone is below 133 bpm (70% of maxHR). But in the program table the limit is at 137 bpm...

Is this a mistake?"

Answer: Hi Daniel, and thanks for the question. I adjusted the zone 1 slightly up to 137 after the test runners went through the 100 day plan. If you are a very well trained runner, you may run below 133 (this is what I would personally do, never over 70 % of max HR for the easy runs)

I found with the test runners though that adding just a few beats to it worked better at the general level of fitness most are going into the plan. So if you stick to that you should be fine.

Thanks again for the question and best of luck !

Kind regards,
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