Hill running

by Geir Andersen
(Strømmen, Norway)

Hill running and the 100 day plan :

"Hello Marius.

Is there a reason why you don't include hillrunning in the 100 day marathon plan?"

Answer: Hi Geir and thanks for your question.

My personal experience with hill work, is that is can be quite difficult to control - in terms of load plus in terms of "control" over relasing a peak condition (too soon). So I've left it out of the 100 day plan for that reason - and instead focused on a more controlled approach that would fit most better.

However, you CAN do a little bit of experience with hill work in the 100 day plan, but only if you do this in a controlled manner and have good experience with hill work from before. And also: if the marathon is a hilly one you need to incorporate this (I've done a few Q and A's just concerning that topic)

I wish you all the best,

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