HMB (Hydroxyl-Methylbutyrate)

by Bjarne

Opinion on HMB supplement :

"Hi Marius,

You are recommending Eating for Energy as a supplemental source for nutrition information. The author also wrote Nutrition for Runners, which I found quite good.

The author here recomments HMB as a supplement, which sounds good not only for fat burning, but studies should have shown the following effect:

• Increase Muscle Mass
• Decrease Body Fat
• Increase VO2 max and Endurance

Do you know the supplement or have an opinion on it ?

Thanks, Bjarne"

Answer: Hi Bjarne and thanks for your question.

I'm aware of HMB and some of research/claims concerning it.

As a general rule though - you will find very, very little effect of any of these "muscle" supplements on the actual performance, so I cannot recommend them. It is much, much better to focus on training, ice baths etc. instead of something like that.

The only exception I make is iron supplements if you are low/border-line low on ferritin, magnesium if you are prone to get muscle cramps, CLA if you really need to lose weight - as part of a well balanced diet and Omega 3 for general health/to reduce micro-inflammations. That's is :)

I wish you all the best,

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