How do I adjust the effort zones HR-demand to my maxpulse?

by Arve

How to adjust the effort zones to a different heart rate :

"Hi Marius,

I am starting your 100 day plan, and I am going for the sub 3:30 plan. I have not run by HR before, and so I wonder:

When I have found my max pulse, how do I adjust the effort zone HR demands to my specific form? What are the percentages in each zone?

Best wishes,


Answer: Hi Arve, you can simply take 190 and calculate it based on that. Simple math would make that : Effort 1 : 60-72 % Effort 2 : 72-80 Effort 3 80-87 %, Effort 4 : 87-92 %. Effort 5 : 92-95 %

I wish all the best with your training,

kind regards,

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