John C

by John C

Sub 2:30 marathon training and max HR

"Hi Marius,

Due to start marathon training proper in around 6 weeks time so at the moment just getting used to the schedule and trying out some of the sessions.

I have a couple of questions if that is OK.

First, you have previously responded to a question of mine whereby I am aiming for sub-2.30 and you have stated that it is fine to add extra mileage to the 2.45 plan in order to get up to 100 mile weeks. In doing so should I continue with the run/walk strategy that you lay down for a number of the long runs?

Also, maybe 6 or so years ago I had a maximal heart rate test carried out at a specialist clinic which highlighted that I had a max heart rate of 192bpm. Is this likely to have changed in the preceeding years although I am now much fitter than when the test was taken. Do you think it is accurate as a measure for the 5 training zones or should I carry out another test?

Many thanks


Answer:Hi John, I would definately run the sessions if you are aiming as fast as sub 2:30. At that level of fitness you'll have not problem running those. Occationally you CAN run/walk a few of them though - just for varation - but it not critical.

As for the maximum heart rate, it may have been lowered 3-5 beats in those years, but if you aim for around 190 in maxium heart rate you should be ok.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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