Marathon injuries - and adjusting the schedule

by Johan Kesten
(Helsingborg, Sweden)

How to adjust the schedule when injuries occur :

"Hi Marius!

Thanks for a great marathon training plan. It is my second round and I am enjoying. Unfortunately I might have pushed it a bit too hard. Right feet is bad. Upper part is hurting and I have not been able to make week 6, 7 and half of week 8. My question is: Shall I go direct on week 9 or shall I pick some of the sessions from the weeks I have missed. It is a lot of speed and pace control that I have missed.

Please advise.


Answer: Hi Johan and thanks for your question.

The general answer to this goes like this : use at least 1 week to get used to running again (for example using the intro weeks ) then jump into the schedule at week 10. You want to avoid going back trying to "make up" for the lost session, therefore you should start right at week 10. At the same time you'll need one intro week in order to get yourself ready again.

If you do it this way, you may find yourself climbing very fast into shape again and have a nice marathon in front of you !

kind regards,

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