Marathon sessions to skip

by Hendrik

What sessions to skip in the 100 day Marathon Plan, if you have to :

"The Sub 3:30 100 Day Marathon program has four sessions per week. I play floor ball one hour once a week and don't have time for more than four sessions in total.

Can you propose which kind of sessions in the programs different phases (5/10 km, 1/2 marathon and marathon) I can skip and play floor ball instead?"

Answer Hi Hendrik, I will have to answer this in general so that others can relate to it as well. What I suggest is that each other week, you take away an easy run and a hard session. Which means in Week 1, take away one of the hard sessions, in Week 2, take away one of the easy sessions. This will balance everything the best way there is. However, in the marathon specific phase, be really careful and take it a bit easier on the floor ball if you can, especially right before the longer marathon sessions !

Wish you the best of luck.

kind regards,

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