Maximum heart rate

by Clennon
(Okinawa, Japan)

When you seem to hit higher maximum heart rate in practice vs. in the test.


I am 41 years old. Using the heart calculation I should have a max heart of 178. I used the treadmill method as well as the results were the same. However, I ran the 1st session of the 3:30 marathon plan (45/15 x 15) at a heart rate of 175 and then ran 9 miles at an average heart rate of 175-184. I wasn't pushing it and recited the pledge of allegiance to ensure I wasn't pushing it (and I wasn't). I purposely stayed in this range because I thought this was my Zone 3. My total distance today was 14mi which is the farthest I've ever run. My average run distance is 4-5mi. Right now I'm running a 20:30 5K.
Based on my results from today, should I use a max heart rate of 200?"

Answer: Hi Clennon and thanks for your questions.

Now, based on what you are saying, your maximum heart rate is likely somewhere between 194 and 200.

I would take another test that should make you even closer in your assessment : do a 20 x 45/15 test where you run the first 15 of them increasingly harder and harder, then 1 minute recovery before going max on the last 5. Add 5 beats to the highest you get and it is usually VERY close to your max.

If you prefer not to do this test, use somewhere in between 194 and 200 for you maximum heart rate :)

all the best,

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