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Mileage in the 100 aday plan :


I have just downloaded your program, and I am looking forward to starting! I have a question about the mileage needed to successfully complete your program. The workouts give great detail regarding time and effort. I don't see anything about distance other than the races. Do I not need to worry about how many miles I am logging as long as I am meeting the time and effort expectations? The reason I am asking is I am a slow runner (2 hr, 30 min 1/2 marathon pace).


Answer: Hi Sarah, and thanks for your question.

The 100 day plan gives you the details in minutes instead of miles and it would work well, no matter what finishing goal you have.

So I recommend just sticking to the schedule in terms of that.

IF you want to add some more mileage (if you have time or just want to add in there some more training) I would add in there some very easy runs of 40-50 minutes AND add 30-60 minutes to some of the longer runs (say every third of those runs or so) Thats's it :)

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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