Mismatch between HR values and pace?

by Bjarne Maschoreck
(Kokkedal, DK)

Pace vs effort vs heart rate :

"Hi Marius,

I am a bit confused about the proposed values in the effort table - or how to adjust them.

I want to use the HR and have corrected them to my max HR (180) according to your instruction, I get these values for the zones:

Effort 1: 112 - 130
Effort 2: 130 - 148
Effort 3: 148 - 161
Effort 4: 161 - 166
Effort 5: 166 - 175

But what about the pace (Km) column, -should it be corrected as well?

I can easily reach the desired zones using the HR, but the speed seems to high for me. I.e. it seems much harder to follow the speed compared to the HR. But you write that one can choose to follow effort, HR or pace?

Thanks in advance for your help

Bjarne Maschoreck"

Answer: Hi Bjarne, and thanks for your question.

I've touched on this a few times before in previous questions (see the Pace section in the Q and A). The main thing is this : pick ONE of the three (either pace, effort or heart rate) and stick to that - ideally heart rate.

I've added the three options there, because some like to run by pace (even though I prefer heart rate) while others do not like to run by neither heart rate or pace - so they can do it by Effort. But you cannot directly compare them - they are approximates. The most important is sticking to one of them - and the relative difference between the different paces will still be correct :)

all the best,

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